earth - all natural healing balm
Voluptuous nourishment and restorative pleasure.
Luminous balm, for creamy lips.
An individually handmade balm to heal damaged lips and break the addiction to greasy petrolem based lipbalms.
100% natural without any chemicals, preservatives, artificial fragrances, petroleum derivatives ... solely made of 17 natural, organic ingredients. And that’s all...
Creamy texture is provided by shea butter and jojoba oil. Nourishing agents, argan and wheat germ, together with moisturizing agents, rosehip, evening primrose and hypericum, offer protection and lasting comfort.
Lycopene, seabuckthorn oil, pomegranate seed oil and vitamins A and E have a healing effect that allows your lips to regain their healthy radiance.
A delicate perfume which evokes a luxurious world of sweetness and voluptuous sensuality.
It glides on, melts readily and creates a homogeneous and superb base for make-up.
The application is a delight...