all natural body serums

A serum for the body, a silky and concentrated exotic fragrance that uplifts the spirit in the bath or after showering.
A remarkable blend of oils and essential oils that moisturizes, nourishes and repairs, leaving the skin firm, toned, revitalized and protected.
Just pure oil !
The sophisticated formula combines moisturizing and nourishing oils with repair agents, which gives the skin softness and healthy radiance restoring its youthful brightness.
The delicate fragrances are unique combinations of rare essential oils based on aromatherapy, evoking a world of exotic softness and voluptuous sensuality.
Leaves the skin bright, soft, silky and irresistible to the touch with a delicate and delicious fragrance.

Preferably used in the bath (to get to those hard to reach spots and enjoy a luxurious bath) but can be used after shower as well.