Uniquely created for you
Algorithmic skincare.
Mathematics and dermatology.

eeshee’s innovative technology driven by sophisticated algorithms, objectively selects a combination of ingredients to distinctly address your skins needs.
The highly concentrated dermatologically formulated products insure that you are getting the most effective and potent skin care nature provides.
The products combine a high functionality and that "mmmm…" feeling of luxurious satisfaction.
Carefully crafted and individually handmade to insure the highest quality and among other, that the dosage of the ingredients is not a probability distribution function.
Our formulations are charged with rare organic oils, rich essential oils and all natural ingredients. Safe, healthy and non-toxic. Without the use of parabens, detergents, or artificial fragrance.
Why do others rely on artificial fragrance when the natural ones are so … superior? Is it just that the natural alternative is costly?
We wish to share the future with you by providing the opportunity to realize and experience what it means to have truly fresh, genuinely personal, and fully natural skin care created just for you.
Come…ride the crest of the future…naturally…