eeshee cosmetics Ltd. takes your privacy very seriously.
The company's policy is to secure privacy and confidentiality of any type of data, such as name, address, e-mail address and any other identifying detail. All personal data received, is saved in a central secured server, accessible only by authorized representatives of the company within their functions and/or their required activity for giving service to company costumers only.
In order to provide an adequate service and in order to tailor-fit company products to individual costumers, the customer undergoes an external test of skin parameters, and/or answers a personal diagnostic questionnaire.
The data thus obtained (from the test and/or the questionnaire), which is taken with the costumer's consent, is stored in a central data-base in order to provide an on-going service based on the acquired data in every sales point of the company.

Information sharing and non-disclosure
eeshee does not share personal information with a third party or with non-affiliated companies unless written customer permission is given or if required by law.
To clarify, the company operates via concessionaires. The concessionaires have defined access to the data required for routine operation and optimal individual customer service. Providing information for such activities will not be considered as passing information to a third party.
All eeshee concessionaires sign a confidentiality agreement in which they agree to use data only for the purpose of providing individual customer service.
From time to time, eeshee may use the services of specialized service providers in different industries and categories of business, such as vendors, suppliers, advertisers, post, events and others. eeshee provides them only with the information required for that specific service and the use of this information for any other purpose is prohibited.

eeshee is obligated to keep your personal information confidential. To do so, the company uses different technologies and protocols preventing access or use by non-authorized parties.