Most of the industry relies on the design of packaging; we prefer to invest ourselves in using clean, environmentally friendly packaging.
We respect and value our environment and consider very carefully our methods, to ensure minimal impact.

We start by preparing our product from high quality organic oils, rich essential oils and all natural ingredients. Most of our products are 100% natural (just that!) and the rest are all more than 97% natural .
(It would be a pitty not to package them "cleanly").

Then, the preparations are packaged in bio-plastic sugar cane tubes. Given that bath products are generally highly disposable, we have chosen a material that can be disposed of in a guiltless way; particularly our cute little berlingots, which are intended for a single use.
And we even print them with edible ink.

The tubes are then wrapped in real biodegradable cellophane bags made of wood and cotton pulp cellulose, and also printed with edible ink. (For a demonstration of how to test for real biodegradable cellophane bags see the YouTube video to the right).

Finally, we print all the brochures and documentation, which we include with the product, on very thin recycled paper that has not been bleached or otherwise chemically treated.