eeshee undertakes to accept, manufacture and deliver orders within the shortest time possible. In case of unforeseen delay, we will send you an e-mail so that you are informed.

By confirming your order, you are accepting all of our general conditions of sale.

eeshee will promptly deliver your order for free through a courier (UPS, FedEx, etc…).
Delivery times will vary according to the destination. eeshee cannot be held responsible for any delays in delivery. Delayed delivery cannot give rise to any penalty or indemnity, and cannot be used as reason for canceling the order.
Please be advised that eeshee cannot be held responsible for lost packages of all non-tracked deliveries although we will do our best to sort out any issue with the relevant courier.
Please also note that tracked deliveries that are not able to be delivered because of absent clients and that are returned to us will be reshipped at the client’s expense, once the client of course agrees to this. In any case, please know that eeshee does the best it can to track packages and sort out issues.
The orders are shipped to the shipping address provided by the client. We advise our client to provide all address details needed (the name of the company is mandatory in the delivery address if the items are being shipped to an office). If you have any special instructions regarding the delivery, please notify our team by adding a note when you place the order. If your delivery address is too long, please re-enter it in the comment section at the end of the checkout process.

Product Returns
Because eeshee's creations (except for the hair and body line) are custom made for the client, we cannot accept returns. Should there be a problem such as pump malfunction, etc…, the item will be replaced at eeshee's expense (including shipping).

Risks and Warranty
The transfer of risks attached to the products sold by eeshee shall take place upon handing-over the item to the courier.
If the delivered products do not conform to your order, or should they be defective, they will be replaced at eeshee's expense (including shipping).

An invoice showing a breakdown of your purchases will be included with your order.