Voluptuous nourishment and healing.

A moment of indulgence to pamper the senses.
A cream that cleanses gently, rejuvenates and revitalizes
the hair, giving it youthful glow from the first use and
leaving the skin clean, fresh, moisturized and protected.
Melts on the skin and gently cleanses in depth.
An artful, sophisticated formulation, heals, calms and
conditions while cleaning.
A delicate attractive fragrance, a unique harmony
of rare essential oils that evokes an exotic universe
of sweetness and voluptuous sensuality.
Leaves the hair and skin soft with a slight, delicious natural
scent. A feeling of loving care.
Particularly formulated to be gentle enough for a baby but
can be used effectively by adults.
Highly recommended for babies, children and adults with an atopic skin condition.

Wet the hair. Apply from the scalp to the ends of the
hair (there will only be little foam with the .rst application).
Rinse. Reapply. Leave the shampoo on the hair for
several minutes, as it conditions. Rinse.
With time only one application will be sufficient.
For the body: Wet the skin. Apply the shower cream. Lather. Rinse.