eeshee    A-Pack    Comme-un-BeBe     Intense Butter    
Natural treatment for Atopic Dermatitis (eczema)

Dry skin, redness, itch?         
No more scratching, no more pills         
A natural solution, efficient, safe and luxurious         
Relief within days         
Intended for babies, children and adults alike  
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Marina - Kiryat Gat: It's just magic! All gone! I can not believe it!

Sharona, Nathaniel's mother - Ashdod : My child likes the product so much Asks That he applied to have it all day long

Ronit - Ramat Gan: The products have changed our Lives, the oder boy stopped scratching and the little one's diaper rash is gone. I definitely recommend it to everyone

Michal, Dor's mother - Beersheba: It was hard to believe but once we started using the products all the symptoms disappeared almost immediately

Irit - Petah Tikva: The products have changed my life !
The package includes:
Comme-un-BeBe  - Shampoo  and Shower Cream 
Intense Butter  - Body Butter 

We produce luxurious natural products
That simply work!